Understand Your Skin Tone

Have you ever wondered that why you look good in some colours and look washed out in others? Why is that we look radiant when we apply a particular shade of lipstick while the other makes our face dull. It’s because all of us have an undertone which can be categorised as cool or warm. It’s important to keep your skin tone in mind whenever you purchase make up or outfit because the choice of colours can make or break your look. I would like to share some easy ways to determine your skin tone enabling you to experiment with makeup and outfits accordingly


1. Look at the veins on your wrist, if they appear greenish then you have a a warm undertone and if they appear bluish then you have a cool undertone.
2. Take two different pieces of fabric, one in silver and one in beige. Now, take turns in holding the fabrics close to your skin. One of them will make you look radiant and the other would make you look dull.
So, if you look good in beige then you have a warm undertone and if silver suits you better then you have a cool undertone. In case you look good in both the colours then you are neutral i.e. neither warm nor cool.
3. Ask someone to look at the skin behind your ears. If it is pinkish then you have a cool undertone and if it has a yellowish tint then you fall under the warm category.
4. If your skin has a tendency to tan then you have a warm undertone and if it burns then you have a cool undertone.
5. If you look good in gold jewellery, you have a warm undertone and if it’s silver then you have a cool undertone.


Those who fall under the Warm category look best in Peaches, Oranges, Peachy pinks, Orangey Reds and Corals and the cool category should go for Blues, Blue- Greens, Rosy Pinks, Purples, Violets and deep blue based reds. This needs to be considered while purchasing make up as well.

Always, look for products as per your skin tone and if you feel confused then you can take help from the SA at the counter. They have been trained to help you pick up the right colours for yourself. At last, it all comes down to how you carry an outfit and if you feel you can carry any colour irrespective of the shades then go for it!

I hope you all benefit from this post…Stay happy and keep shining 🙂

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