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How to Choose the Right Shade of Foundation


Foundation is the base which creates a flawless canvas for applying makeup. There are different types of foundations available in the market today as per your needs but without the right shade you may end up looking ashy or unnatural. Always choose foundation according to your skin tone and then match the shade. You can check the previous post on skin tone here.

Cool skin Tone

Girls with cool undertone appear pinkish or beige.They have bluish veins in their wrist and they tend to burn easily in the sun. Those with this skin tone should opt for a foundation which has a red or blue base.

Warm Skin Tone

Girls with warm skin tone appear golden or yellow. They have greenish veins in their wrist and tend to get tanned easily in the sun. Those with this skin tone should opt for a foundation that has a yellow base.

find_your_skin_tone1Never choose a foundation that is lighter or darker than your original skin color. A foundation should not look like an artificial mask on your face but should blend to an invisible finish and hide the pores and blemishes in order to prepare it for makeup.


Always apply it on your jawline in order to check the shade in a store. If you see that the foundation has blended to an invisible finish then you have found the perfect shade. Also, if in doubt then go out in the natural light and ask someone to check the finish of the foundation. If it appears orange or unnatural against your skin after blending then it is not the right shade for you.

Apart from this always choose the foundation according to your skin type i.e. those with Oily skin should go for water based foundations and those with dry skin should opt for cream based foundations. Almost every brand has foundations which cater to the different skin types so this should not be a problem. Once you get the right shade as per your skin tone then you can easily buy one which suits your skin type.


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