Skin Care Tips for Summer

Summers can be very messy and our skin needs to bear the brunt of this season. Women suffer from all kind of skin problems such as tanning, pigmentation, sunburns, age spots, oily skin to name a few. In this post, I would like to share some essential tips for summer which will help you in… Read More Skin Care Tips for Summer


Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is an important aspect towards leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Most of us have been guilty of neglecting ourselves and prioritising others. One needs to understand that overall wellness can only be achieved  when one is physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Despondency not only affects you mentally but physically as well due… Read More Emotional Wellness

DIY (Do it Yourself)

Homemade Toners

A toner is an essential part of the skin care regime and helps to restore the natural pH balance of the skin. There are lot of toners available in the market today but they have so many chemicals and are way too expensive . Here is a list of different toners which can be made… Read More Homemade Toners

Make Up

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Applying makeup in summers can be tricky especially for those with an oily skin as it tends to oxidize and melt away. You need to invest in products which do not clog your pores and keeps the greasiness at bay. Here are some tips which will increase the staying power of makeup and keep it… Read More Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Home Remedies

Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Elbows and Knees

A lot of women have darker elbows and knees as compared to the rest of their bodies. The skin in these areas do not secrete oil and tend to become dry and darken with time. Today I have come up with a post to lighten these areas with natural and organic ingredients.


Essential Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and irrespective of the perfect dress and makeup without the perfect piece the whole look falls apart. Everyone has different taste however there are some essential pieces which should be a part of every woman’s closet.  Pendants


Tips to Reduce Tummy Fat

Nothing beats exercise and those rigorous workout sessions to tone down the body but due to their hectic schedules most people don’t have the time or energy to hit the gym or exercise at home. I have put together a list on how to reduce the stubborn tummy fat by making a  few changes in… Read More Tips to Reduce Tummy Fat