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How to Make Lip Stain at Home

Lip stains are a rage amongst those women who do not wear lipsticks or glosses on a daily basis but still want a natural stain on their lips. They make you look fresh and give a nice hue to the lips without the heaviness of a lipstick. In this post, I would like to share a fun and easy way to create your own lip stains at home which are made from organic ingredients.

Beetroot Lip Stain



Chop the beetroot and heat it in a pan with some glycerin using the double boiler method i.e. fill a pot with water and place a small pan inside it with beet and glycerin. Let them stay in the pan till the beets have softened which would be approximately 15-20 minutes. Stir them and you will see that the glycerin would have turned into a nice red shade. Separate the liquid from the pieces of beet using a sieve and store the tint in a clean and sanitized container. Refrigerate it and use as often as required.

Raspberry and Blackberry Stain


Mash raspberries and blackberries together in equal quantity. Mix it throughly and drain the liquid using a sieve. Add olive oil or coconut oil to this in the desired consistency and refrigerate the tint in a clean container.

Pomegranate Lip Stain


Extract the juice of some pomegranate seeds by either squeezing them or grinding them. Pass the liquid through a sieve in order to get a clean liquid . Mix it with coconut oil or olive oil and refrigerate it. You can also use glycerin instead of oil as it stays for a longer duration on the lips.

Strawberry Lip Stain


Mash some strawberries and extract their juice. Drain the liquid using a fine mesh sieve. Add olive oil to the juice and refrigerate the tint.

Things to remember

1. Always use clean and sanitized containers to store the lip stains.

2. Refrigerate the mixture to increase it’s longevity.

3. Make a fresh batch in 15 days and throw away any unused product. If you feel that the stain has started smelling funny before that time then throw it away immediately and prepare a fresh tint.

4. You can use petroleum jelly to get a glossier finish. Just melt some Vaseline using the double boiler method and add the juice of your choice to make a lip stain.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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