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How to Use Red Lipstick as a Concealer

Eye make up is incomplete without a concealer as it hides minor imperfections and dark circles. There are lot of concealers available in the market today such as pot concealers, pansticks, pen concealers etc to cater to the needs of different women. Finding the perfect shade of concealer is always a difficult task as it depends upon your skin tone and the hue of the under eye area. The steps mentioned in this post will enable you to use your red lipstick effectively as a concealer to attain a flawless look.



1. First of all choose a red shade according to your skin tone. Girls with fair and medium complexion should opt for a lipstick which has pinkish or peach hues and those with a darker skin tone should opt for a lipstick with orangish hue.

2. Dab the lipstick under your eye area and blend it. Do not try to rub it or apply too much pressure.

3. Wait for a minute or two to let the red colour set under the eye area.

4. Now use your normal concealer and apply it over the area on which you have applied the lipstick. You would need lesser amount as compared to what you use on a regular basis and voila your dark circles are all gone.


Things to Remember

1. Choose the lipstick according to your skin type. If you have dry skin then opt for a lipstick with a creamy finish and oily skinned beauties should go for one which has a matte finish.

2. Apply the lipstick with a concealer or an eye shadow brush. If you wish to use your finger then use the middle one as it exerts least pressure.

3. Always let the lipstick set otherwise you will have raccoon eyes instead of an even toned under eye.

4. Do not apply the lipstick directly out of the stick. Use a q-tip to take out the amount you want and then apply with a brush or your finger. This will make sure that you do not apply more than the required amount and will prevent your lipstick from getting contaminated.

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