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How to Use Color Correcting Concealers

Concealers come to the rescue when we need to hide those zits, dark circles, redness or uneven complexion. Nowadays they come in a wide variety of colors and not just in the skin color shades. Today, I would like to share the different types of color correcting concealer and their uses.


To understand the different color concealers it’s important that we understand the color wheel. Colors which are opposite to each other are used to neutralize therefore green concealer can be used to hide redness or acne marks. Same goes for all the other colors.

Neutral Concealers

Neutral concealers are those which are similar to the skin tone shades. If you do not need color correcting then you can chose any concealer according to your complexion, dab it with your middle finger and you are good to go.

Green Concealers

Green neutralizes the color red therefore, green concealers are used to hide redness, acne marks, red pimple marks and sun-burnt skin. It evens out the complexion and gives a perfect base for makeup.

Pink Concealers

Pink or Peach concealers brighten the skin tone and are perfect for hiding dark circles. The color is a mixture of red, orange and yellow and is therefore ideal for diffent type of marks. It gives a radiant glow to dull skin and hides those under eye dark circles perfectly.

Orange Concealers

Orange concealers work better on medium to dark complexions and provide the much needed coverage for dark circles with bluish hue. Beauties with porcelain and light complexion should stay away from this color as it will highlight the problem areas instead of concealing it.

Purple Concealers

Purple concealers are ideal for those with warm undertone. It covers up the yellowish hue and imparts a glow to the face.

Yellow Concealers

Yellow concealers are best for under eye area and to cover up prominent veins and bluish marks.  This color is ideal for a lot of skin tones and is a great base for bright makeup.


Just follow the color wheel and you would be able to understand the concept of color correcting concealers.



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