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Do It Yourself : Homemade Lip Balm with Milk Cream

I love making makeup and skincare products at home as they are natural and have less chemicals as compared to the ones available in the market. Today I would like to share a very simple recipe for lip balm which can be prepared in no time and has the goodness of milk cream in it.



1. Milk cream has moisturizing properties and makes the skin soft and supple.
2. It deeply nourishes dry and flaky skin and evens the skin tone.
3. It has skin lightening properties and is helpful in reducing blemishes.
4. It improves the overall texture of the skin and is a boon for dry skinned beauties.
5. It is also known to reduce skin pigmentation.


Ingredients required

1. Milk Cream
2. Beeswax
3. Rose Oil


You can either use store bought milk cream or extract the cream from milk. I prefer using the store bought cream due to its smooth consistency. Grate some beeswax and melt it using the double boiler method. Now set aside the bowl in order for it to cool a bit. Now take some milk cream and add a few drops of rose oil in it. Mix it thoroughly and then add it to the melted beeswax which should have cooled down a bit but should be still in liquid form. Mix all the contents and transfer it to a sanitized container. Let the mixture set for a while and voila your homemade milk cream lip balm is ready to use.


1. Use less beeswax if you want a creamier balm and more if you want the consistency of the balm to be harder.
2. Always store the balm in a sanitized container in order to avoid contamination.
3. Do not mix the melted beeswax when it is hot with the milk cream mixture. Let it cool a bit and then mix the components together.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Do share your experiences after trying the recipe 🙂

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