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Make Up Tips for Beginners

Applying make up is an art and if done correctly can enhance your natural features. Many women avoid applying make up on their own as they feel that they would not be able to do justice to it and visit the salons to get their make up done for certain occasions. I have written a step by step tutorial for the benefit of my readers which can be followed to achieve a flawless look with some practice.

1. Preparing the face


The face is the canvas therefore, it’s very important to clean it thorougly before applying anything to it. Use a facial cleanser according to your skin type to wash your face and then use a toner to close the pores and wipe away any impurities which may have left behind. Now apply a moisturizer (cream based for dry skin and water based for oily skin) as it helps to glide the make up smoothly on to the face.

2. Even out the complexion


It is very important to have an even toned complexion which is free of blemishes in order to look fresh and pretty. For beginners, I would suggest a tinted/sheer moisturizer if a very light coverage is needed and liquid foundation for others. Always make sure that the shade of the foundation exactly matches your skin tone otherwise it will look cakey and artificial. Now dab some concealer (if required) under the eye area and on the blemishes which are still visible and blend. Dust some loose powder or compact to make the make up stay for a longer duration.

3. Add Color to your Cheeks


Blush is something which instantly brightens one’s complexion and adds a freshness to the face. Choosing the right blush which compliments your skin tone is very important otherwise you may look dull and washed out. Girls with dry skin can opt for cream blush and oily skinned beauties should go for powder blush or souffle. If you use a powder blush then blow off the excess from the brush and apply it on the apple of the cheeks towards the temple. You can also suck the cheeks inside and make a fish face in order to find the apple of your cheek. It is the bone which protrudes on the side of the face just above the cheek.

4. Eye makeup


Before applying anything to the eyes make sure that the lids are dry and oil free. Invest in a good eye primer in order to have a smooth base. You can also use white eye pencil or powder blush on the lids first in order to enhance the color of the eye shadow and make it last longer. Now apply the color of your choice on the lids and a lighter shade or a highlighter up to the brow bone. Now take liquid or pencil eyeliner and apply it as close to the lash line as possible. If you are using a pencil then you can also smudge it with a cotton swab or your fingers for a smoky and romantic look. Eye make up is incomplete without a mascara so start applying the mascara from the roots to the tips and wiggle the wand in order to avoid clumps and spidery lashes.

5. Color your Lips


Start by applying some lip balm in order to keep them hydrated. Now line your lips with a lipliner which should match the color of your lipstick or lipcolor. Choose a lipstick or gloss which compliments your skin tone. Girls with dry lips should avoid matte lipsticks and choose ones with creamy finish. To apply the lipstick, start from the center of your lips and go outwards. You can either apply it directly from the tube or use a brush in order to have more precision. After applying lipstick, place a tissue paper over your lips and gently dust some loose powder over it. This trick will make your lipstick stay for a longer duration. Also girls with thin lips should avoid dark and matte colors as it can make their lips look thinner and highlight the fine lines. Always apply a lipstick with creamy or glossy finish in shades such as pinks, peaches, rose etc as it makes you look young and fresh.

Hope you all enjoyed the article. Have a nice day and feel free to share your views below 🙂

Stay happy and keep shining 🙂

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