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Livon Moroccon Silk Serum Review

Hair Serums are as important as conditioners and should be applied on towel dry hair in order to detangle the strands and keep them manageable all day. I was using a different serum for quite some time and switched to this one as I got attracted towards the revamped look and the ingredient list.

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum


New Livon Moroccon Silk Serum with precious Morocco’s Argan Oil detangles your precious hair and prevents it’s breakage. As your hair dries. you experience the beauty of smooth, silky hair. Your hair becomes manageable and feels free flowing so that you can leave your hair open all the time.


INR 149 for 30 ml and is available at almost every departmental and beauty store

Also available online

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum, 59ml (Personal Care)

List Price: INR 259.00
New From: INR 299.00 In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock


Use on shampooed and towel-dried damp hair. Take a very small quantity of 2 pumps to start with and apply gently along the length oh hair. Start from the middle portion and work your way to the bottom of the hair length. Use the last portion left on your hands to apply to the top part of the hair.


With Morocco’s Argan Oil, Vitamin E and UV Filter

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum Ingredient List


The serum comes in a cute little plastic bottle which is light pink in color and is quite sturdy which makes it travel friendly. It has a white pump which dispenses just the right amount of product to start with. It’s consistency is neither too heavy nor too runny and can be easily applied to damp hair. I really like it’s flowery fragrance which is not very overpowering but those with sensitive noses might not like it. This is a lightweight serum which is good for daily use. It detangles my hair nicely and makes it soft and manageable. My hair tends to get a bit frizzy in humid climate and it controls it to some extent but is not quite effective in completely smoothening the hair strands. Those with very frizzy and curly hair can skip this one and go for something more nourishing.


1. Lightweight texture and non sticky
2. Detangles the hair and keeps it manageable
3. Pleasant fragrance which is not overpowering
4. Protects the hair from sun damage due to UV filters


1. Not suitable for extremely frizzy and curly hair
2. Sensitive noses might not like the fragrance
3. Is not very nourishing for dry damaged hair


3.5 out of 5

In case you want a lightweight serum for daily use which softens your hair then go for this.
I hope this review was helpful and in case you have any questions and want to share your experiences then feel free to comment below.

Stay happy and keep shining 🙂

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