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Overnight Homemade Face Packs for a Healthy Skin

A clear and radiant skin is a dream that every women harbours but only a few of them can manage to attain it in this fast paced life. Expensive skin treatments are a fad now though the results are temporary and the use of excessive chemicals can prove to be harmful in the long run. Amidst the skin clinics and the neighbourhood parlours, there lies a solution which is hassle free and can give results without burning a hole in your pocket. Listed below are some overnight face packs which can work wonders for your skin and give you a clear and glowing complexion.

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1. Almond and Milk Face Pack

Almonds are a storehouse of Vitamin E and aids in healing the skin from the damages caused by external pollutants. They are also rich in antioxidants which removes pigmentation and blemishes to give you a clear complexion. You would need to soak few pieces of almonds overnight in order to prepare this face mask. Grind the almonds to make a smooth paste and add a teaspoon of raw milk and honey to this concoction. Apply this to your face avoiding the eye contour and wash it off in the morning. Apply this religiously every night and you will wake up to soft and even toned skin.

2. Tomato and Yogurt Face Pack

Tomato is rich in Vitamin C and helps in cleaning and tightening the pores. Yogurt on the other hand removes the blemishes and gives you a brighter complexion. Mix tomato and yogurt in equal quantity and mix it thoroughly. Apply this to your face and neck and wash it off the next morning with lukewarm water.

3. Gram Flour and Turmeric Face Pack

This is an age old recipe and one of the most effective remedies for a problem free skin. This is an excellent pack for those with an oily skin and is also effective in reducing unwanted facial hair with regular use. Grate kasturi manjal or whole turmeric and add a tablespoon of gram flour (besan) to this. Now add raw milk to form a mixture of medium consistency and apply this to your face and leave it overnight. Wash it off with water in the morning and follow up with a moisturizer.

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4. Strawberry and Milk Face Mask

Strawberries have vitamin C and essential nutrients which boosts the collagen formation and delays the signs of ageing. It prevents skin sagging and also reduces the fine lines for a healthy and youthful skin. Mash some strawberries and add raw milk and few drops of rose water to form a smooth paste. Apply this to your face and neck and wash it off with cold water in the morning. Regular use of this face pack tightens the skin and reduces skin pigmentation.

These are some of the best overnight packs which if applied regularly can give you a radiant complexion and save you a trip to the salon.

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